A demo takes about 10 minutes and is done over the phone. 
To book a demo, email info@lockdown.school.nz

"Iain was the guy who experienced a real life lockdown scenario and knew it was a process that could be up Simplified using a mobile app, and that's where the Lockdown App for Schools all started. 
He quickly and effectively perfected the lockdown procedure and designed an app around it that allowed teachers and wardens of the school to communicate and put the school into lockdown in record breaking time. Having now developed the Lockdown App for Schools he sets out to make it available for all schools around the world to use and benefit from. Our customer acquisition costs are extremely low, and Iain played a big part in making that happen. Effective, personable, insightful. I'd be amazed if anyone was anything other than impressed."

Iain Rudkin - Founder, Lockdown App for Schools
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