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Are you prepared for a school lockdown?
Are you prepared for a School Lockdown?
It started off as most teachers' worst nightmare.

In 2014, a music teacher at St Paul's Collegiate in Hamilton discovered an intruder hiding under her desk. She wasn't able to easily communicate with senior management to put the school into lockdown for risk of aggravating the intruder.

Fortunately, another teacher, who was a former police officer, walked in and was able to take control of the situation until police arrived.

This event could have ended differently, so St Paul's Collegiate's teachers came together to highlight a common vulnerability in every school's emergency lockdown process.

Iain Rudkin, a 4th year technology teacher at the School, came up with the idea for a Lockdown app, which allows a teacher to alert a senior manager to a potentially dangerous situation in the school within seconds of it occurring.

Rudkin designed the app to be as simple as possible to use.

The first staff member to identify a potential situation opens the Lockdown app on their mobile phone and pushes the panic button which instantly alerts the school’s senior managers. The senior manager can then put the school into lockdown by holding their screen for three seconds.

Once activated, the push notification and text message alerts all the teachers (and students if required), minimising the time it takes to secure the classrooms i.e. shut and lock doors and windows and make sure the students are safe by getting them out of line of sight.

The senior manager, who in pre-mobile days would have had to walk around the school to see doors were locked and potentially putting themselves at risk, can now view, via the app, relevant information and photos taken by the staff members’ phones by clicking the View Pictures tab.

Once it has been established that there is no longer a threat to the school, the warden can give the all-clear and take the school out of lockdown.

The App is currently being used by hundreds of Schools in the U.S., U.K., Asia, Australia and New Zealand. To get started at your School sign up for a free trial below.
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